Have you ever wanted to become your own boss where you were in charge of your own future and your earnings, without relying on others to advance in life?
And NO!
This is NOT a get rich fast scheme or a scam designed to fleece you of your money.
Sadly there is no such thing as getting rich overnight unless you are fortunate enough to have a lucky lotto ticket.
I am talking about how I get a website to send me daily paychecks.
You see, Ecommerce is like the latest buzzword right now, but I think you have no idea of the true potential and opportunity that ecommerce has brought to ordinary people like us.
If you have ever had ambitions of starting your own online business or being the boss of your own online ecommerce store then pay attention.
But it is not your fault…
If you are anything like me then you have fallen victim to many of the scammers out there who prey on people like us, who only wanted to generate an extra income.
With a little experience, you can now probably spot these guys from a mile away.

Here are some of the tools of their trade.

  • Fake testimonial videos from fiver
  • ​Fake screenshots
  • ​False hyped claims of money that you can earn
  • ​Paid actors as video spokesmen
  • ​Overpriced up sells
  • ​Crappy support that disappears as soon as you ask for a refund.
Sound familiar?
Now if this is what you like then feel free to exit this page as that is not what I am going to present to you today.

If You Are Interested In Discovering How You Can Create Your Own Ecommerce Empire Then You Are Certainly In The Right Place!

eCommerce is HOT right now. 
  • In fact eCommerce is the only thing you should be concerned with right now, as the barriers to entry are now lower than they have ever been before.
  • eCommerce store owners are making a killing these days and it is easy to see why.
  • Did you know that there are over 1.9 billion shoppers online and that the total value of eCommerce sales will reach $3.5 Trillion this year?
  • ​This gives you a little idea of why everybody is rushing to earn their fortune from eCommerce.
  • ​When it comes to eCommerce platforms and creating a profitable store, then nothing comes even close to Shopify.
  • ​It is the biggest player in eCommerce platforms, it is user friendly and allows you to create your own stores, take payments and even hosts your stores for you.

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It is a complete beast.

Some of the biggest online retailers are using Shopify to generate 10’s of millions of dollars in profits.  I also personally use Shopify to generate my income via the eCommerce stores I have created on there.  
eCommerce is the biggest thing on the Internet right now and it is where people are making the most money.
It is even bigger than FACEBOOK… Just look at Amazon for confirmation of that.
It’s no coincidence that Jeff Bezos is now the richest man on the planet and he happens to be involved in eCommerce.

For example,

When was the last time you purchased something online?
And how much was that purchase for?
You gave somebody your hard earned money and are helping them to become rich.

ONLY $27
Isn’t it time people started giving you money? 
As an online store owner, this is exactly what I demand.
The problem is most people do not know how to build a store that actually generates sales.
They feel it is too difficult and I’m here to tell you it is actually easier than you think.

In order to create your own eCommerce stores, you DO NOT NEED…
  • Any previous experience
  • A large starting capital
  • Any products to sell
Rather than tell you, I prefer to show you how it is possible to set up a successful eCommerce store.
Again I am not here to hype up how much money you will earn, as I don’t know your work ethic and can’t possibly know how much you desire to make a success out of your life.
I strongly advise you to run 100 miles away from anyone who makes earning claims to you.
But I can sit here and tell you that I can show you exactly how I use Shopify to create online businesses and then how I generate an average of $1500 profits on a daily basis.
I Have Built Myself An Online Empire That Allows Me To Receive Pay Checks From Shopify On A Daily Basis and I Want To See You Do The Same.
There are teenagers out there who are making millions of dollars a year while still in school, thanks to building a Shopify store.

Some store owners don’t even own their own stock and still can generate 10’s of thousands of dollars weekly by simply acting as middlemen.

They are taking orders from customers at higher prices than they can get the products for, taking out their cut and then drop shipping the products directly from the suppliers to the customers without even ever having set eyes on the products.
Then there are storeowners who have created multi-million dollar brands by using Shopify’s technology to generate huge sales.
You have more likely than not, unwittingly already purchased multiple products from stores that are based on Shopify.
My name is Arthur,
I was previously involved in Internet marketing and had done it for many years until I saw the huge potential that eCommerce has presented.

Being online I had seen many trends come and go, and as the industry I was in started to decline, I began to look for other revenue streams.

It was at a conference I heard people constantly talking about eCommerce.

Now, of course, I knew what eCommerce was but I always believed it was something extremely difficult to get into and was only for the big retail giants until one of my buddies at the conference shown me a store he was generating $5000 a week with on Shopify.

When he has shown me how simple it was to set up a store and fill it with products I was genuinely blown away.

He also explained as simple as it was to create a store, the main reason people fail in eCommerce is they lack the knowledge required to drive traffic to their sites.

This was something I specialized in as an Internet marketer and was the catalyst behind my decision to get into eCommerce as my main revenue stream.

It is was the smartest decision I have made. Well after marrying my wife of course.

The potential to do well with Ecommerce is unlimited.

There are so many verticals, product types, niches and industries for you to enter, that my chances of succeeding were extremely high.

Not to forget the fact that I could also flip successful stores for high profits.

Which is something I also do?

There are hundreds of people interested in buying profitable eCommerce stores online and when I am finished milking mine I simply sell them on.

There are countless business model types you can do in eCommerce and I want you to discover exactly how eCommerce could help you.

Today I want to show you how you can also get into eCommerce and how you could also generate a substantial income if you have the right desire and hunger to succeed.

Again, I can’t and won’t sit here and tell you how much money you can make as I don’t know you, but I can certainly show you how you can set up your own online stores with Shopify.

I have created a system that explains to you exactly how to set up your own Shopify stores, how you can conduct product research for those stores and then how to drive traffic to your stores.

I have created online brands using this system and have also created successful dropshipping stores with it.
Now I Am Ready To Give You Full Access To The system I Have Developed!
This is the formula I use to create my own successful stores on Shopify.

I am on my way to creating an empire.

The time to get into eCommerce is NOW!

As I am not here to hustle or scam you, I want to be completely transparent with you.

This is exactly what you will discover inside my system.
  • How to use Shopify to your advantage?
  • ​How to create a Shopify store for next to nothing
  • ​Where to find profitable products for your store
  • ​How to sell products you didn’t have to pay for
  • ​How to generate sales and drive traffic using a variety of methods.
  • ​Where and how to sell your store when you have finished with it.
  • ​Plus lots more

You will be provided with all the information you need to set up your eCommerce stores for an insanely low price.

I decided to call my system The Store Formula because it is the blueprint I use to succeed on Shopify.

It shows you how you can build your own store and make sales at an extremely low cost.

You can even get started and make sales if you don’t actually have any money to spend on stock.
I will show you exactly how to do this.

Now get this…
I am so confident that I can show you how to set up an online store that I will even give you a guarantee.

I Want You To Try Out My System With Full Confidence and With Zero Risk To You
If you try out The Store Formula today, I am going to give you an extended 100% no questions asked money-back guarantee.

YEA THAT'S RIGHT. You simply cannot lose. 
I stand by my system and use it on a regular basis to build my wealth.
I believe in it so much and know that if you follow my method, you could have your first store up and running in less than 24 hours, and if for any reason whatsoever you are not happy with The Store Formula within the first 60 days, then not only will I give you a full no questions asked refund, but I will insist that you take your money back.

So you can feel safe knowing that you have a full 60 days to test it out.

Now that we have cleared that up…

I am going to give you full access to my system for the very small one-time price of just $27

If you are serious about starting your own eCommerce store then you can not afford to miss out on this incredible offer.

For less than the price of a decent meal, you will get full access to the formula I use to create my successful stores.

You will pay this small price once, for a lifetime membership.

This is not a subscription service and please remember it is fully backed by my 60 days money-back guarantee.

It is time to make an important decision…

Are you ready to get into eCommerce and build your own online store?
Seriously if you cannot invest in your future for the tiny nominal fee of $27, then you should definitely exit this page right now.

I Am Even Giving You A Full Money Back Guarantee. 

You will not regret it.
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